1993 — 2002. The best Russian line

1993 — 2002. The best Russian line

Historical Milestones

1993 — 2002. The best Russian line

1995 FESCO Lines Australia Pty Ltd — the first own overseas agency company of FESCO was incorporated with the offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

1997 FESCO Lines New Zealand Ltd. (Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington) and FESCO Lines Hong Kong Ltd were established as FESCO agency offices in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Company “Transgarant” was incorporated on December 23rd, 1997.

1999 In the result of buy-out from agency partners in the USA and Canada, FESCO successfully integrated FESCO Agencies  N. A. Inc. in its own agency network.

Company “Transgarant” got involved in forwarding services on the South East railway routes.

2000 In January Company “Transgarant” initiated forwarding export shipments of potassium sulphate from Achinsk.

2001 “Transgarant” purchased the first own open box cars, obtained Certificate from the Russian Ministry of Transport & Communication granting to Transgarant Company Ltd the status of cargo transport operator. The Company launched the first route of iron nugget transportation from Lebedinsky ore mining and processing plant to “Mechel Co., Plc.”

In June “Transgarant” leased the rolling equipment from the South-East Railway for the first time. In November “Transgarant” established a branch in Voronezh and in December the office in Chelyabinsk was opened.

2002 In March the total number of the cars, operated by “Transgarant”, exceeded 1000 units. Cargo turnover, handled with own and leased equipment, was over 100 thousand tons per month. In July “Transgarant” operated more than 2000 units of equipment.

“Industrial Investors” Group bought out the majority interest in FESCO. The new management team made vigorous impetus of FESCO progress.

FESCO won the Exxon Neftegaz Ltd. tender bid in respect of icebreaker lead and cargo procurement of offshore Sakhalin oil platforms. FESCO ordered the exclusive ice-strengthened supply-vessel for the future long-term charter.

The new container terminal project was phased in on the basis of “Novorossiisk Transport & Forwarding Company Plc.”