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Icebreaking operations history

Icebreaking operations history

Maritime Operations Headquarters is worth mentioning, since the organization was headed by the best specialists, who experienced adverse training in ice navigation as icebreaker masters: Nikolay Mikhailovich Nimchinov (incorporator of the 17th shipping company in Russia — Primorsky Shipping Company), Philipp Kharitonovich Polunin, Vladimir Petrovich Zherebyatiev, Vadim Ivanovich Abonosimov. Experience and knowledge of Vladimir Gavrilovich Shchur, a Chief Controller for Cargo Operations in the Arctic, Pavel Sergeevich Padenko, a Controller, Victor Petrovich Lebedev, a captain-instructor contributed much to the success of the FESCO icebreaker fleet.

It is worth mentioning that FESCO icebreakers and high-skilled performance of the crews provided the Northern Russian areas with the hundred thousands tons of cargos to develop and explore the North. Every year FESCO icebreakers patrol the Eastern Arctic and render ice lead to over 600 vessels delivering about 2 million tons of cargos.