1911 — 1975

1927 S/s the “Kolyma” under command of the master P. G. Milovzorov for the first time covered the distance from Vladivostok to the Lena estuary during the single navigation.

1932 The Northern Sea Route was established and Vasiliy Andreevich Fedoseev managed the operations in the Eastern Arctic. The Arctic navigation became the pivotal moment in FESCO icebreaker fleet history. This year commemorated a transfer from a single vessel navigation to large-scale navigation and it was the first time when icebreakers were used for transport vessel icelead.

1957 In the depth of night icebreaker the “Dobrynya Nikitich” and a submarine crashed the rocks of the cape of Lopatka (in Kamchatka) in the heavy fog. The submarine bow and house remained on the surface. Vadim Ivanovich Abonosimov, a chief mate of icebreaker the “Admiral Lazarev”, in the heaviest storm approached the submarine onboard of the old motor boat and rescued 8 people.

1959 The old collier icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” under the mastership of Vadim I. Abonosimov was on the way back from the Arctic, when SOS signal was received about the fire on cargo and passenger ship the “Dina” with 600 passengers onboard. Icebreaker the “Mikoyan” and m/v the “Novgorod” were involved in rescue operation. High-skilled icebreaker crew rescued the people successfully, but the vessel was demolished since the repairs were unreasonable.

1965 Icebreaker the “Leningrad” under mastership of V. I. Abonosimov rescued icebreaker the “Admiral Lazarev”, split in the ice. The same year icebreaker the “Moskwa” with master Leonid  F. Lyashko and the “Leningrad” rescued the crew of m/v “Vitimles” crashed in the ice of the Eastern Siberian sea.

1973 A diesel-electric ship the “Orlyonok” under command of the master Nikolay  A. Vitko rescued tanker the “Solnechniy” in distress off the cape of Schmidt.

1975 Icebreaker the “Moskwa” under the mastership of Anatoliy M. Kovalenko rescued over a hundred of white whales trapped in the ice off the island Arakamchechen (Chukotka) and devoted to death otherwise.