1981 — 1999

1983 The Arctic navigation that year went down in history as the hardest and adverse one. M/v the “Nina Sagaidak” was lost in the ice. Nevertheless, the most of the vessels were withdrawn from the Arctic. Icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” (master V. I. Abonosimov) and icebreaker the “Kapitan Khlebnikov” (master Viktor  V. Vasiliev) rescued heavily damaged m/v the “Kolya Myagotin”.

1985 Icebreaker the “Vladivostok” under the command of master Gennadiy  I. Antokhin rescued the research ship the “Mikhail Somov” from the ice trap in the Antarctic.

1981 icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” with the master V. I. Abonosimov towed the floating dock of 100 000 dwt from Japan to the Russian Far East.

1989 Icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” (master S. F. Reshetov) and a diesel-electric ship the “Vladimir Arsenyev” (master Ruslan  A. Zainigabdinov) rescued whales trapped in ice off the Alaska shores. To honor of the glorious event the Alaskans granted a memorial to Vladivostok city. A twin memorial is located on the square nearby Seamen's Palace of Culture at present days.

1999 For the first time in history of navigation icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” under command of the master Vadim Andreevich Kholodenko towed a floating dock via the North-Eastern route from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski to the Bahamas through the Canadian Arctic.