2002 — current

2003 The “Admiral Makarov” left Vladivostok for the Baltic where it was operated till 2006 under command of master Gennady  I. Antokhin. During 1224 days the icebreaker led 650 different vessels under the adverse ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland to and from the port of Primorsk — the biggest oil port in the North Western Russia. The icebreaker covered 23 794 miles in the ice for 2 700 hours (that was over 2000 miles more of the Equator length) and worked out the most running hours compared to the other icebreakers operated in the Baltic.

2005 By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation icebreaker the “Krasin” under command of master Viktor  K. Kovalchuk provided procurement of the scientific research station McMurdo in the Antarctic Ross Sea. Under the adverse ice condition the “Krasin” led a tanker and a containership with cargo of fuel, equipment, food and medicines for a thousand of the American polar explorers. Irresistible to the strong wind and glacier berg twitch blocking ice channel, the “Krasin” successfully completed the Antarctic voyage prior to the schedule without any damage to the led vessels.

2005 The unique ice-strengthened supply vessel the “FESCO Sakhalin” was delivered to FESCO. The vessel was commissioned to operations under “Sakhalin-1” project, since the Company won the international tender bid for long-term icebreaker assistance and procurement of the “Orlan” drilling rig. The tender was held by “Exxon Neftegas Limited”, a subsidiary to “Exxon Mobile” and the “Sakhalin-1” operator.

2006 The liner icebreakers the “Krasin” and the “Admiral Makarov” commenced ice lead of large oil-carriers to/from De-Kastri through the Tatar Strait in November under “Sakhalin-1”