Museum of trade fleet

Museum of trade fleet

The Trade Fleet Museum of FESCO was established in October, 23rd, 1962. The RSFSR Minister of Culture order of February, 6th, 1987 appropriated a rank «The National Museum of RSFSR» to it.

Now there are more than 20 thousand exhibits in the Museum. The museum funds largest part was formed from documents and the photos reflecting 127-years history of the company.

Museum funds include models of vessels and their equipment, breadboard models of premises, among which «The Bunk Room of a pre-revolutionary vessel», «Hold of the cargoship», «Musical interior of the steam-ship LUBOV ORLOVA», «Passenger cabins»; busts of the well- known captains A. I. Shchetinina, P. G. Milovzorov, A. P. Melekhov, N. A. Kolotov; video frames of «Sea trading port Nakhodka» and «Polar station».

There are 69 paintings by painters of sea-scapes in the museum, stands with gifts to the Company and crews of the vessels of the Soviet and foreign organizations — national corners of Japan, the USA, Canada, Vietnam, India are established.