Transportation of loose and bulk cargo

Transportation of loose and bulk cargo

FESCO Transportation Group performs domestic and export/import multimodal transportation of loose and bulk cargo with transshipment in the ports of Far East, Novorossiysk and Saint-Petersburg.

About the service

FESCO provides a full range of services for sea bulk cargo transportation: 

  • transportation of metal products, agricultural products, coal, iron ore, coke, timber, construction materials, pellets, mineral fertilizers, and other raw materials;
  • transshipment in ports;
  • storage at port terminals.

The Transport Group organizes multimodal transportation of bulk cargo by sea and by rail. You can arrange both for a part of such transportation and transportation along the entire route.

Geography of bulker transportation

  • FESCO performs domestic transportation of bulk cargoes, as well as transportation between Russia and countries of Asia, the CIS, Europe and Turkey with transshipment in Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk and ports of the Far East.   

Types of loose cargoes 

  • Granulated: grain, sand, salt, sugar, expanded clay, etc.
  • Pulverized: mineral fertilizers, cement, chemical raw materials, etc.
  • Lump: crushed stone, wood, pellets, ore, coal, sand, lime, lime spar, etc.
  • Processed raw materials: enriched ores, coke, etc. 

Transportation methods

  • Bulk in containers (20 and 40' with tented roofs)
  • In liner bags or big bags
  • Bulk on ship


  • Operation of vessels from Handysize (30,000 t) to Supramax (60,000 t)
  • "One Stop Shop" principle at all stages of transportation
  • Use of external resources for transportation of cargo of any size
  • Individual consultations and support of each client
  • Customs clearance, including temporary import/export and cargo insurance on client's request
  • Rail transportation and transshipment at the port using FESCO facilities
  • Goods storage and consolidation
  • Tally services
  • Online cargo tracking at all stages of transportation
  • Competence, reliability and reputation of the FESCO Group


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