FESCO's extensive experience in transportation and storage logistics allows us to devise effective supply chains with integrated digital solutions for any business.

About the service

FESCO's extensive experience in organizing transport and warehouse logistics allows us to build effective logistics chains with integrated digital solutions for any business.
The Group's main sites are located close to transport infrastructure in Moscow, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Tomsk, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Novorossiysk.
FESCO manages transport and warehouse logistics in a "single-stop shop" mode, which reduces risks and optimizes customer expenses.

Key services:

  • Address storage, batch accounting 
  • Deadline control
  • Reporting
  • Sticking and repacking
  • Cross-docking
  • Operating at customer warehouses, including manufacturing and finished product warehouses
  • Extensive route network
    We can deliver cargo from consignor's door to the consignee's door without participation of the cargo owner.
  • Owned terminals
    Loading, unloading and repacking of large-tonnage containers at owned terminal and logistics complexes, distribution, storage stacking of cargo
  • Cargo insurance at all stages
    Both for individual operations, and for the whole transportation period - at the client's option
  • Electronic services
    Fully automated document management, ability to track cargo location and shipment dates in the personal account
  • Modern reliable safety system
  • Responsible storage options
    Ability to store objects with the dimensions from 1 sq.m
  • Highly qualified experts
    Certified specialists with solid experience in all areas of logistics
  • Modern truck fleet
    Vessels of various types, rolling and traction rail stock, towing trucks, containers and special equipment
  • Automation of all warehouse processes
    WMS system adaptable to the client's IS
  • Convenient location of the terminal
    Near rail and sea infrastructure facilities
  • Full package of services
    From processing and packaging to weighing

FESCO capabilities

  • 18
    vessels with the capacity of over 280,000 tons
  • 75000 TEU
    TEU in the container park
  • 250
    voyages per year
  • 3
    owned terminal and Commercial Port of Vladivostok
  • 100
    call ports all over the world

Personal Account

Calculate the cost of transportation and send requests
Track cargo and execution of documents
Have customs transit formalized
Draw up transportation reports
Handle accounting and shipping documents
Communicate with managers

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