JTSL Multimodal Service

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Japan Trans-Siberian Line Multimodal Service provides multimodal export and import transportation via ports of Vladivostok/Vostochny.

Service directly connects ports of Japan: Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya, Toyama, Moji with Trans-Siberian railway.

Container and Ro-Ro transportation by FESCO line and rail services under a single bill of lading.

Import shipments from the ports of South-East Asia to all Russian towns including ports of Far East Region. Export shipments from Russian towns and ports of Far East Region to ports of South-East Asia.

The integrated service includes FESCO shipping services, cargo handling in terminals, delivery by rail, door-to-door service.

Cargoes are dispatched by sea every 2 weeks.
Estimated transit time from ports of Japan to ports of Russian Far East Region is 6-11 days.

Cargoes are dispatched by rail in accordance with a regular schedule.
Estimated transit time from Vladivostok to Moscow is 11 days.

Advantages for clients:

  • guaranteed availability of the container equipment in pre-agreed loading points;
  • drop-off of container equipment in more than 50 Russian towns;
  • favorable port handling terms;
  • perfect match of own shipping and railway schedules, reducing transit and terminal storage time;
  • control on all shipment stages;
  • availability of own transportation equipment.

Sales offices