Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Provision of the entire range of door to door services with the use of owned assets (vessels, railway rolling stock, terminals, etc.).

Combination of marine, railway and motor services, port and stevedore services combined into an integrated logistics solution that is unique for Russia.

Конвенциальные перевозки   Конвенциальные перевозки

Shipping geography

From Europe, USA, South East Asia, Russia, CIS to:

  • The Far East (Sakhalin, Magadan, Kamchatka, Pevek)
  • Countries in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia.

Transportation both through marine ports (RF, Georgia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Finland) and through overland border posts (Naushki, Zabaikalsk, Dostyk, border posts in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Baltic States and Finland).

Types of transported cargo

  • Various rolling and track machines, including RO-RO transportation
  • Heavy-weight and oversized cargo
  • Hazardous cargo (cyanide, various chemicals)
  • Metal structures, equipment
  • Unitized cargo
  • Piled and bulk cargo
  • Tank containers and flexible tanks. Provision of flexible tanks, including organization of transshipment
  • Organization of transportation of complex objects (plants, oil and gas / fuel and energy sector objects)

Additional services

  • Expert cargo evaluation: assessment of the degree of cargo bulkiness, development of fastening and positioning schemes
  • Terminal services for cargo storage and dispatch
  • Collection of cargo from manufacturing plant, surveyor services
  • Transshipment at border posts, ports, fastening of cargo in accordance with the designated scheme, supervision of transshipment
  • Organization of cargo escorting and protection (heated freight cars)
  • System of cargo monitoring and notification
  • Development of projects/concepts for transport and logistics servicing