Port development program

Port development program

Vladivostok Commercial Port remains one of key enterprises in port business for a long time. Compliance with the highest standards of port business in Russia and worldwide is one of the highest priorities of the port.

Vladivostok Commercial Port constantly increases the number and quality of provided services and continuously invests in the development. Investment projects are an essential part of the port's strategy.

Projects to be realized by 2015:

1. Construction of single container terminal on berths №14-17
2. Construction of vehicle terminal
3. Reconstruction of bunkering oil-base
4. Construction of "South Primorye terminal" transport logistic complex
5. Development of passenger terminal

1. Construction of integrated container terminal on berths №12-17.

All container assets of the Vladivostok Commercial Seaport will be developed as a single and integrated production facility managed by one operator.

The capacity of the integrated terminal is expected to achieve 600,000 TEU by 2011.

In September of 2008 reconstruction of berths No. 14 and 15 will be completed with the new cargo handling facilities. Other new facilities will enable port to handle an extra 100,000 TEU per year. The port is also starting construction of non-production buildings and the territory is being expanded and prepared for the new equipment and facilities.

The Vladivostok Container Terminal will create a nucleus and a core for the integrated structure to join the new terminal on berths No. 14 and 15 with access to the newly constructed railway area of Dalreftrance. The integrated terminal development will be incorporated into the terminal construction project by The Russian Troyka Co., Ltd.

2. Construction of vehicle terminal.

The terminal provides vehicles handling, storage and forwarding services. In future the terminal operating company will also be able to act as a customs broker.

Terminal is being contracted for integrating of all procedures and paperwork concerning vehicle transportation, including discharging in Vladivostok and sending cars via railway to Russia and CIS countries. That provides a wide range of integrated services for customers and dealing with only one company to customs authorities.

The terminal is equipped with 3 warehouses for vehicle storage, including 10 levels parking lot (with capacity of 1000 cars), located on berths №3-4. The terminal's infrastructure includes rail lanes with total length of 700 meters for loading to platforms and auto-rack wagons.

Today terminal handles Ro-Ro vessels on berth №4. It is estimated that at the beginning the vehicle terminal will be able to handle up to 7000 cars per month. By the end of the first year of operation total turnover will increase up to 10 000 units.

3. Bunkering oil-base reconstruction.

The projects is aimed at constructing a specialized oil and oil products handling complex, fitted with modern equipment and using environment friendly and safe technologies. Estimated oil-base turnover will be about 1 mln. tones, with storing capacity of 41 000 c.m. of oil products at a time.

4. Construction of "South Primorye terminal" transport logistic complex.

The key idea of this project is creating and operation of unique integrated logistic center in Russian Far East, with two basic functions:

Dry port cargo terminal, which provides support service to ports of Russian South Far East
Warehousing accumulation and distribution center, which provides integrated hi-tech service of handling, accumulating, distribution and delivery of export-import cargo to the biggest cities and enterprises of Primorsky region.

5. Development of passenger terminal.

Due to APEC-2012 summit coming Commercial port of Vladivostok will reconstruct maritime passenger terminal to provide the best service to foreign quests.