Port services

Cargo operations:

  • stevedoring operations;
  • dry cleaning of ship's hatches;
  • cargo lashing;
  • cargo storage, weighing, separation;
  • cargo restuffing, marking, sorting;
  • carrying out by arrangement with railway authorities the dimensioned sketches and drawings for oversized and overweight cargoes;
  • surveying and forwarding services, customs clearance of cargo;

Services to vessels and other transport means:

  • manoeuvring operations in the aquatorium under jurisdiction of the Port Authority;
  • sea towing of vessels and other floating objects;
  • rendering boats for servicing ships in the harbour;
  • rendering tugs for mooring operations;
  • rendering pilotage services;
  • ship agency, ship chandler and surveying services;
  • collection and management of ship-generated waste;
  • water supply;
  • liquid fuel bunkering;
  • acceptance of intermodal transport to be handled.

Organizational and general services:

  • supplying berthed ships with electric power;
  • connection of berthed vessels to telephone net and mobile radio communication (ships on the roads and port approaches);
  • providing with permit regime and proper storage and security of cargo;
  • repair of vessels and ship's equipment.