Manpower policy

Manpower policy

The Corporate Personnel Policy is grounded on the mutually beneficial, honest, open-minded and equal-right partnership between the employees and the Company. Day by day we contribute as much as possible to creation of the high professional, skilled and efficient team of the Global class.

The principles of the Company Personnel Policy imply continuous career enhancement of the employees, encouragement of the Company goal achievement, promotion, strict compliance to corporate culture and individuality respect.

The Personnel Policy of the FESCO Group is focused on the social security of the employees, development of the procedures for effective personnel enhancement. However we are unbiased in assessment of employees' commitment and contribution to the Company success and prosperity.

The Personnel Policy accentuates continuous improvement of the staff motivation by assessment of labour effectiveness and personal contribution of every individual to the Company progress. We pay significant attention to occupational safety and health.

Professional training and enhancement are also of great importance. The Company keeps investing into development of the human capital and training of the employees in the world leading educational centers relating to transport and business administration.

Practice of mentoring and tutorship, when experienced employees share their unique skills to the newcomers, enables us to keep and to increase the professional knowledge and skills inside the Company.