Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Doing the business, FESCO Group is socially responsible in respect of the communities and cultures. The Company aims at keeping and developing the unique social environment created for the long Company history.

We strongly believe that the effective social partnership is a ground of the present-day efficient and fast-progressing company.

The Company social policy provides for good care of the employees. Individual contribution to the mutual success is highly esteemed and appreciated. Stimulating the material incentive and strictly complying to the Russian laws in respect of employee's insurance and health care FESCO is never limited to the formal procedures. Every individual in the Global FESCO team is sure that the Company will come to rescue in case of the hardest time of life.

The good illustration of the FESCO social policy is FESCO Veterans' Public Organization, associating over 3300 members committed to FESCO impeccably and honestly. FESCO Group annually finances preventive treatment and medical aid to the veterans, renders social support. The win in the Fifth Russian Award “The Russian Organization of The Highest Efficient Social Responsibility” in “Water Transport” nomination“granted FESCO the public recognition.