Consolidated cargo from China and Southeast Asian countries

Consolidated cargo from China and Southeast Asian countries

Departure from 8 cities in Asia, delivery to Moscow or St. Petersburg starting from 0,6 $/kg min. 20 days.
Russia South Korea China Vladivostok Qingdao Busan Kilung Yokohama Shanghai Ningbo Shenzhen Bangkok Ho Chi Minh City Moscow St. Petersburg

About service

Transportation of consolidated cargo from China and South-East Asia in a consolidated container is optimal for transporting small shipments in a reasonable time at a low price.

FESCO can pick up your cargo within 300 km of the following cities: Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Yokohama, Busan, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Keelung.

  • Maximum lot for shipment - 150 kg
  • Delivery by sea and rail - from 0.44 $/kg from 20 days
  • Delivery by road - from 3.25 $/kg over 5-7 days
  • Customs clearance on the same day
  • 2 consolidation warehouses in China, a warehouse at the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, a consolidation warehouse in Moscow
  • Regular schedule
  • All cargo is insured
  • Ability to collect cargo from a FESCO warehouse or delivery to door

Tariff Optimal

0,6 $
per kg
Delivery time
25-30 days
from 150 kg
Groupage cargo

Tariff Avia

3,5 $
per kg
Delivery time
2-3 days
from 150 kg

Delivery calculator

0 $
* The calculation is not a public offer

Types of cargo

Work process

Collection of cargo from consignor's warehouse (if delivery conditions EXW)
Delivery to the consolidation warehouse (if delivery conditions EXW)
Loading into the consolidated container, shipment by sea service to Vladivostok
Execution of documents for breaking up a consolidated container

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