FESCO's export service includes a full range of transportation services: road and rail transportation in COC containers, intra-port forwarding, maritime transportation.

About the service

FESCO organizes regular export cargo transportation in several directions:

  • from Moscow, the Ural and Siberian federal districts by fast container trains to Vladivostok with linear sea service to countries of the Asia-Pacific region;
  • by container trains from Russian cities to China through land border crossings;
  • export shipments from Russia to Europe through Saint Petersburg;
  • by direct train service 

List of export services:

  1. Moscow – Vladivostok – Asia-Pacific countries
  2. Yekaterinburg – Vladivostok – Asia-Pacific countries
  3. Novosibirsk – Vladivostok – Asia-Pacific countries
  4. Krasnoyarsk – Vladivostok – Asia-Pacific countries
  5. Moscow/Yekaterinburg/Novosibirsk/Krasnoyarsk – Vladivostok – China (Suifenhe)
  6. Yekaterinburg – Saint Petersburg – European countries
  7. Direct trains from Russia to China
  • Regular schedule of container trains and sea lines, optimal integration of services
  • Short transit time
  • Owned assets: trucks, rolling stock, terminals
  • Container tracking throughout the route
  • Minimum lot size -1 container
  • No need to repack cargo

Rates and schedules

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