FESCO Korea Sakhalin Line (FKSL)

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FKSL service provides shipment of ordinary and hazardous cargoes in both SOC and COC containers, including reefer containers, as well as shipment of general break-bulk cargoes using Open Top and Flat Rack equipment.

Korsakov — Kholmsk — Nalhodaka — Busan — Ulsan — Korsakov

The line is served by specialized vessel with capacity of 405TEU (MV «Amur»), providing bothport services, as well as transshipment from ports of SEA and back by feeder carriers and intermodal services.

Shipment can be carried out in break-bulk, SOC containers or in COC (FESCO) containers (including reefer containers).

Frequency of sailing — once in 2 weeks.

Duration of round voyage — 11 days.

Transit time of delivery from port of Busan:

  • Korsakov — 4 days;
  • Kholmsk — 6 days.


  • shipment from South Korea and ports of SEA in any point of Sakhalin and back in short time;
  • control on the all shipment stages;
  • regular liner schedule;
  • professional of crews and many years'experience in adverse climatic conditions provide reliability and stability of service.

Sales offices